Harlan Ranch
Resort Style Living in Clovis California
Welcome to the Harlan Ranch Community Association website. Here prospective homeowners can learn a little more about our community and the amenities offered. Current residents can keep up to date and RSVP for upcoming events, make reservations for the clubhouse, and get answers to frequently asked questions.
COVID-19  Update: During this time the Board of Directors has adopted several policies for the common areas to help keep their fellow residents safe. To review the policies please click here.
Harlan Ranch Reminders
Harlan Ranch Security
Code 3 may be contacted for certain issues, however, Code 3 should not be called for all situations. For a handy list of resources & phone numbers to contact for various situations, see below.
Harlan Social Events
The fall season is upon us, which means that soon the Harlan Ranch social calendar will be full of wonderful events for the upcoming months. As most residents know, many of the social events take place in our clubhouse, around our pool area, online, or on the Harlan Ranch property in front of the clubhouse. However, some residents have asked why the Amphitheater isn’t being used any longer, while others have asked about the popular Food Trucks. Brittany, our social director, has been great in sharing information with many residents, but not everyone has received this information. Hopefully the following will help clarify any questions you may have on these two topics.
Yard & House Maintenance
Homeowners and residents of any Lot in Harlan Ranch have the responsibility to keep their yards well-maintained, safe, clean, uncluttered, and in attractive condition at all times. The primary objective is to maintain property values, not only of individual properties, but also of the community as a whole. Maintenance includes, but is not limited to, the following: