Harlan Ranch
Security Reminders
Posted on Sep 29th, 2023

1) When to call Code 3 Security Company (Phone: 559-256-9699)
• For a vehicle parked in violation of HOA rules on a private street
• For issues in the pool area which violate posted pool rules
2) When to call 911
• For a suspected crime in progress
• For speeding or reckless driving
• For a medical emergency
3) When to call Clovis PD non-emergency number (Phone: 559-324-2800)
• For noise issues which cannot be resolved through a polite discussion with the neighbor
• For a suspicious vehicle or pedestrian
• For a crime that has already been committed
• For a vehicle parked illegally on a public street
• Ongoing criminal activity in specific neighborhoods-ask Clovis PD if they will patrol more often
• For loose, wild, injured, or vicious animals
(Clovis Animal Response Team can also be called – Phone: 559-324-2450)
4) When to call PG&E (Phone: 1-877-660-6789) 
• For an exposed electrical wire
• For a street light that is out (easy to report on their website)
5) When to call EMTS (Phone: 559-292-2900)
• For an emergency common area irrigation system issue such as a broken irrigation water line
6) When to email Jacob (Jacob@riversidemgmt.com)
• For a non-emergency common area maintenance concern