Harlan Ranch
Preventing Porch Pirates
Posted on Nov 28th, 2022

1) Make Delivery Requests. Some online ordering systems allow you to make delivery requests, like putting your package in a secure area.  Making a request doesn’t guarantee that it will be met, but many times it will.
2) Work with a Neighbor. If you know your neighbors, you can work together to thwart thieves.  Keep each other informed so your neighbor can take your package from your porch upon delivery to give to you at a later time.
3) Get Packages Delivered to Your Workplace. Not every employer will allow deliveries at work, so check with your supervisor to see if they will be okay with it.  You’d be surprised how many will allow it during the holidays.
4) Watch Your Tracking Information. With today’s technology, most times you will know the moment your package is delivered to your home.  Tracking may not prevent you from losing a package to theft, but using this tool to your advantage helps lower the odds.
5) Cameras. With certain home security cameras or Ring Doorbells, you can see your delivery being made, see potential porch pirates, and project your voice to possibly deter them while getting it all recorded.
6) Contact Security and/or Clovis PD. If a porch pirate strikes, camera footage can be shared with Code 3 Security or Clovis PD.  Sometimes a porch pirate can be apprehended through footage showing their faces, license plates, or the make/model of the vehicle.