Harlan Ranch
Yard & House Maintenance
Posted on Sep 28th, 2022

1. Removal of all trash, litter, dead vegetation, weeds, refuse, and waste is required
a. Residents need to keep yards free from trash, garbage, litter, and debris including unused construction material, brush, yard trimmings, weeds, discarded items and items beyond repair. This also includes pots, fountains, or bird baths which are unused, broken, cracked or contains dead vegetation. This requirement is not only to keep yards attractive, but to also eliminate safety and fire hazards, insect & mosquito breeding grounds, and biohazardous issues. b. Materials described in (a) must not be swept or blown into the street or gutters but need to be properly disposed of in green waste receptacles.
2. Lawn mowing and trimming on a regular basis in order to keep a neat appearance Recommended maximum height of no more than 4 inches.
3. Trees and shrubs pruning recommendations
a. Shrubs against the foundations shall be evenly pruned to allow visibility of first-floor windows. b. Dead branches in shrubs and trees should be removed as it affects the overall look of the yard and can be a fire or safety hazard. c. Dead trees, tree stumps, and/or shrubs are to be removed. d. Tree canopies need to be trimmed to a height where pedestrian traffic is not impeded. e. Shrubs should not overlap sidewalks or curbs to allow for safe pedestrian walkways and to not impede the flow of water in the street gutters.
4. Watering landscaped areas
a. All residents must follow the water conservation measures set in place by the City of Clovis and adhere to the allowable days and hours for watering. b. As long as the City of Clovis allows outdoor watering, residents should try to keep their front yard landscaping alive and attractive. c. Homeowners wishing to convert their front yards to drought tolerant landscaping or artificial turf must submit an ARC Request to the General Manager for review and approval by the Architectural Review Committee. Requirements for completing these requests are found in the CC&R's and on the ARC Form itself. Guidance can be provided by the committee members and Staff.
5. Overall requirements in keeping lawn and garden areas alive, free of weeds, and attractive
a. Areas needing to be landscaped are front yards and side yards. It is understood that side yards with gates leading into the back yard must be accessible.
b. Landscaping where turf is missing, mostly weeds, or dead may be mitigated with watering, artificial turf, or drought tolerant landscaping if possible. It is understood that front or side yards which are dirt or where grass is dead are permissible in California, but they must be kept neatly trimmed and weed-free. Bark or other low maintenance vegetation are recommended to Homeowners to keep yards attractive. c. Keeping yards "attractive" is subjective, but overall, they should be neat, weed-free, and uncluttered. Owners with excessive numbers of pots, objects, and yard art are encouraged to simplify especially if it obstructs walkways and accessibility. d. Front yard patios and courtyard additions must be approved by the ARC. e. Signage needs to follow the Clovis Municipal Codes and CC&R requirements for size, content, placement, and seasonal display timelines (i.e., holidays, graduations, political, etc.).
6. Exterior lights must be kept in working order
7. Driveway maintenance
a. Driveways should be cleaned to be kept free of weeds, mold, mildew, or any excessive stains. b. Driveway joints should be properly maintained and large cracks patched.
8. Overall exterior maintenance
a. Wood and siding trim surfaces should be kept painted with no peeling, chipping, fading, or broken/missing pieces. A change in paint color from the originally approved scheme must be approved by the ARC. b. Fence pickets should be in good condition with no significant warping, cracking, or missing slats. c. Window screens must be in good condition with no tears, rust, warping or buckling.