Harlan Ranch
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  • chevron_rightI work for a company that provides a commercial/work vehicle, where can I park this vehicle?
    Commercial vehicles are only allowed to be in plain-site while work is being performed. If you bring a commercial/work vehicle home each night, the vehicle must be out of site. Please refer to the CC&R’s for further explanation.
  • chevron_rightWhere can I park and where can my guests park within the community?
    That depends on where you live within the community.
    Public Streets fall under the jurisdiction of The City of Clovis’ Municipal/City Codes, as well as the Harlan Ranch CC&R’s/Operating Rules. 
    Private Streets fall under the jurisdiction of Harlan Ranch’s CC&R’s & Operating Rules.
    Remember, whether you live on a public or private street, all Harlan Ranch residents are to utilize their garage, followed by their driveway when parking their vehicles. 
    Residents generally have more questions about parking rules on private streets.  To help, below are key items to remember when parking on Harlan Ranch’s private streets.
    • Private street parking is for guest parking only.  Homeowners/Residents at no time may park on the private street.  Exceptions do apply, so please contact Management for a special accommodation that must be approved by the Board of Directors.  All CA Exempt vehicles may park on private streets at any time.
    • All guests parking on the private street must park in front of the home they are visiting.  If all visiting vehicles do not fit in front of the house, please consult with your neighbors for approval for parking in front of their home.
    • Guests may park along common areas located on private streets as long as they’re not indicated as fire lanes or in front of a fire hydrant.  Please be courteous to your neighbors and refrain from parking in front of mailboxes.
    • In order to maintain positive traffic flow, vehicles cannot extend more than 8 feet from the curb (this includes the width of the car).
    • Vehicles cannot block driveways, extend into fire lanes, or into no-parking zones
    Do you want to read the Parking and Operating Rules in their entirety? They are available on the website under the About the Community Tab or by Clicking Here!
    Please contact the General Manager Jacob at HRManager@riversidemgmt.com or at (559)325-9430 for questions.