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Harlan Social Events
Posted on Sep 28th, 2022

1. Why is the Harlan Ranch Amphitheater not being used for concerts as in the past?
a. Rules from the City of Clovis changed in late 2021. Food Trucks are no longer allowed in any Clovis Public Parks (Remember Harlan Ranch’s amphitheater is not owned by Harlan Ranch, but is a Clovis City Public Park).
b. Food Trucks cannot be parked in a Fire Lane (The private street next to the amphitheater).
c. During concerts, generators were needed to handle the wattage necessary for the concert equipment.
d. When Harlan Ranch electrical outlets were sometimes used, the equipment plugged into them kept tripping the breakers.
e. Some public sidewalks were used during the events to – 1) Run electrical cords. 2) Mount the Inflatable Movie Screen. 3) Mount the Movie Screen Inflator Equipment. 4) Mount the Movie Projector. 5) Tether the Inflatable Movie Screen. The City of Clovis stated that those sidewalks needed to be free of any obstructions.
f. The Amphitheater did not have - 1) Proper evening lighting for safety. 2) No nearby restrooms. 3) No shade. 4) No proper drainage (grass is often very wet). 5) Continuing mosquito issues.
g. Harlan Ranch is not allowed to put restrictions on public parks. Therefore, others can reserve the amphitheater through the City of Clovis. If others reserved the amphitheater before Harlan Ranch, it made planning events more difficult.
Why aren’t the Food Trucks out for residents like they used to be?
a. California Fresh Farmer’s Market Association (CFFMA), also known as National Food Festival, was contracted to handle all of the permits & approvals from the City of Clovis as well as Fresno County regarding our Food Trucks Market at Harlan Ranch. Due to disagreements in how the market was promoting itself, as well as other concerns, Harlan Ranch is no longer partnered with them. Therefore, HOA Management is in the process of acquiring Clovis City & Fresno County permits/documentation in order to bring Food Trucks again to Harlan Ranch. This process can take some time, and while a Food Truck or two might be advertised for an event, please be advised that last minute restrictions might arise resulting in the need to cancel the Food Truck(s). This will end once this process is complete.

Due to all of the information given above, events were moved to Harlan Ranch’s private property (in front of the clubhouse), as well as the adjacent small areas of Clovis Public property. The use of those adjacent public areas does not block access, which was one of the issues the City of Clovis had while Harlan Ranch was using the amphitheater. The City of Clovis is aware that Harlan Ranch uses these public areas occasionally and does not have an issue with it since it does not impede public access. Further, using this area addresses the previously mentioned issues as can be seen below.

1. Food Trucks can be parked on Harlan Ranch’s private property for residents to enjoy during various events (once the process for permits is complete).
2. Updates to the electrical system near the clubhouse allows concerts to plug directly into Harlan Ranch’s clubhouse area electricity without the need for generators or fear of tripping the breakers.
3. No public sidewalks are blocked to run any needed electrical cords.
4. Outdoor lighting was installed in the Harlan Ranch parking lot to provide proper lighting for a festive atmosphere and to address safety concerns.
5. During events, the clubhouse is handy for those that need shade or cooler temperatures during warmer days, and the swimming pool is also available on hot days.
6. Harlan Ranch restrooms are also very close.
7. The grass is less wet in these areas.
8. Harlan Ranch does not have to reserve their own property, therefore scheduling for events is a non-issue.
9. An added benefit to this area is that Play Equipment is close by for younger Harlan Ranch residents to enjoy during events.